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Collection: Rancilio Espresso Machines

Rancilio was founded in 1927 by Roberto Rancilio in Paragbiago, Italy, and focused on commercial-style equipment for 70 years. In 1997, they began producing a "home" unit as a gift to their distributors. It was so well received, that they soon introduced it to the market as the "Silvia."

Thanks to their engineering experience in the commercial equipment realm, Rancilio is able to combine valuable experience and continuous innovation also in the home-unit market, and the result is the Rancilio Silvia, a machine that is tailored to the needs of espresso lovers around the world. Their beloved Rancilio Silvia and the latest release - the Silvia Pro X - put emphasis on the elements that matter, offering quality and affordability in a well-built home-unit espresso machine.

The Silvia has proven itself over and over, making it one of the highest-regarded single-stage-boiler, home-unit espresso machines in the world due to its simplicity, durability, easy maintenance. There have been multiple versions of the Silvia released since then, and the current model is the "M."

In 2020, Rancilio released their new double boiler line, the Silvia "PRO," that was quickly followed by the PRO X. This higher-end line offers many upgrades, including a pressure gauge, low-water safety mechanism, and a timer. 

Stefano's Espresso Care proudly sells Rancilio Equipment. We back up those sales with the knowledge of how to use and repair the equipment we sell, and we offer an extensive line of replacement parts.

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