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Collection: Fittings for Espresso Machines

This parts list includes:
Water Pressure Regulators, John Guest Fittings, Brass BSP (British Standard Pipe) Fittings, NPT (National Pipe Thread) Fittings, Thread Sealant, Copper Pipe Components (see compatibility guide below), and more.

Most espresso machine fittings are BSP, which are also referred to as "gas" fittings. They come in Imperial sizes (1/8, 1/4, 3/8...), not metric. The thread pitch is different from American NPT fittings, and therefore are not interchangeable. BSP fittings come in two versions: BSPP (parallel / straight) and BSPT (tapered). In almost all cases, only BSPP threads are used in espresso machines. The following general guidelines will help you size your fittings.

BSPP Male Threads    OD
1/8        9.5mm
1/4        13mm
3/8        16.5mm

BSPP Female Threads    ID
1/8        8.5mm
1/4        11.5mm
3/8        15mm

Copper Pipe Components Compatibility Guide

  • For 6mm Tubing use: 1/8 Nut 511351 and Nipple 515963, OR 1/4 Nut 511532.6 and Nipple 522217
  • For 8mm Tubing use: 1/4 Nut 511532.8 and Nipple 5031063, OR: 3/8 Nut 700000 and Nipple 527854
  • For 10mm Tubing use: Nut 700000 and Nipple 520553

Please Note: Unfortunately, fewer and fewer fittings manufacturers are taking the time to polish the brass, and many of the fittings we receive show blemishes. Some look downright ugly. We can assure you that all the fittings offered on this listing are new. Thankfully, their role is usually behind the scenes. If not, you may need to polish your fittings if you want them to shine.

Note: You can use the search bar below to filter the items shown on this page by whichever term suits your needs, i.e. BSP, NPT, 1/8, 1/4, female, male, Quick Connect, etc.



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