Loxeal 18-10 Thread Sealant Food Grade

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Thread Sealant Loxeal 18-10

Part #: 50999

Loxeal 18-10 Thread Sealant.

It will stay soft for NON-permanent applications, assuring easy dismantling even years later.

50ml, 55 grams

Anaerobic adhesive for sealing metal thread pipe joints.

Suitable for gas, LP gas, compressed air, gasoline and oil, industrial fluids,CFC, water and several chemicals. Low friction coefficient will assure easy assembly. Thixotropic property prevents migration from thread of the sealant before or during curing. It replaces P.T.F.E. tape and yarn. Cured product provides elastic film. Shocks and vibrations resistant; unaffected sealing properties in the temperature range from -55 to +150°C.

Made in Italy.

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