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Collection: Saeco / Starbucks Barista Espresso Machines

Saeco / Starbucks Barista Espresso Machines

Everything you need to maintain and repair your traditional-style Saeco espresso machine. Order online for quick delivery from Stefano's Espresso Care.

NOTE: Saeco has discontinued many important parts on their older machines, such as the Barista and Via Venezia's OPV, Funnel, Steam Knob, Wand Teflon Bushings, Drip Tray, some Switches, Grouphead Locking Ring and more. On the Sirena, the Portafilter and Steam Valve as well as other parts have also been discontinued. We expect they will keep discontinuing integral parts, and while we continue to search out other avenues for these items, results have been sporadic. Please keep this in mind when deciding how much to invest on a repair.

The parts listed below the schematic window are for Saeco Traditional espresso machines, including the Starbucks Barista Semi Automatic (called manual by some), Via Venezia, etc. Some of these parts also fit the Incanto, Aroma, Espresso Classico and more, however, NOT all the parts on this list fit all of those machines. Please read the descriptions carefully to make sure you are purchasing the correct item for your machine. If you're in doubt, please contact us by email or phone before placing your order.

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If you're having trouble with your portafilter or pump, please review our Saeco Pump Troubleshooting Guide for assistance in determining where the issue is.


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  • Starbucks Barista Drawing 1
  • Starbucks Barista Drawing 2
  • Saeco Starbucks Via Venezia body parts
  • Saeco Starbucks Via Venezia Internal parts
  • Starbucks Sirena Drawing 1
  • Starbucks Sirena Drawing 2
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