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Collection: Espresso Machines Portafilter & Related Parts

This product list is ordered by portafilter size (which equals the interior diameter of its appropriate basket), and it includes complete portafilters, bottomless portafilters, single- and double-spout portafilters, single, double and triple baskets & precision baskets, blind baskets, clips, shower screens and precision shower screens, handles, handle bolts, spouts and more.

Note that this collection includes a wide range of portafilters that fit many different brands. Some portafilters may be purchased from a manufacturer who makes them for many brands, such as those that fit Elektra, E-61 groupheads (i.e. ECM, Isomac, Vibiemme), La Pavoni lever units, La Pavoni semi-auto units, etc., so you may need to enter the grouphead style and/or brand in the search bar to see all the options we offer.


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There are 106 products in Espresso Machines Portafilter & Related Parts