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Collection: La Pavoni Home Unit Espresso Machine Parts

La Pavoni Home Unit Espresso Machine Parts


Here's where you'll find everything you need to maintain and repair your La Pavoni Home espresso machine. Order online for quick delivery from Stefano's Espresso Care.

The parts listed below are for all La Pavoni Europiccola (8-cup), Europiccola Professionale (16-cup), Romantica, and Stradivari Lever Machines, though not all parts fit all machines, so please pay attention to the description.

For home-unit, Non-Lever machines (pump-driven), please see this alternate parts list.

La Pavoni has been making lever machines since 1961. Some parts for early versions are no longer available. In 2000, the lever grouphead was redesigned; these are called Millennium Models. Earlier versions are referred to as PRE-Millennium. If you're not sure which version you have, you can measure the exterior of your grouphead piston cylinder. Click here to see where to measure. The PRE millennium is 50mm; millennium is 60mm.

For parts specific to the Stradivari line, click here.

Click here for PDF/printable schematics. Visit these links for a comprehensive line of cleaning supplies and accessories.

To see Stefano's You Tube videos related to the La Pavoni lever line, see this link.

Please note that you may need specific tools to complete some repairs, and other tools we offer help with a smooth installation of specific parts, as noted below.

  • opening the base to access the electrical components if you have a Torx security screw (See items Pav-A27T or Pav-A28T).
  • removing and/or reinstalling the flange (see item P-107-J and its associated parts, available for rent or purchase).
  • removing/rebuilding the safety valve (see items Pav-P37-Wrench and the Pav-St-Tool).
  • removing/reinstalling the MP-3 grouphead sleeve found on Millennium models only (see MP-Bar and Pav-MP3-Tool).
  • removing/reinstalling the MP-1 grouphead insert found on late 90's-to-current machines (see Pav-MP1-Tool).
  • to help hold the machine upside down in a vise to more easily access and work on the "guts" of the machine, we offer our Boiler-Holder tool (see Pav-Hold).
  • to help insert the gaskets on the piston, we offer our Piston Gasket Inserting Tool (see Pav-Gask-Tool).
  • to facilitate inserting the piston assembly inside the grouphead, we offer the Piston Assembly Inserting Tool (see Pav-Pist-Tool).
  • the La Pavoni Steam Valve Holder Tool threads into the steam valve body to help with installing and removing it (see Pav-St-Hold)

 We also offer custom parts to upgrade existing stock parts:

  • MP-1J Grouphead insert in Stainless steel
  • Pav-1-Tip in Stainless and Brass
  • Pav-KN-J Boiler Knob Saver (protects plastic threads)
  • MP-3SS Grouphead Sleeve in Stainless Steel
  • Pav-T1/12 and Pav-T2/11 adapters in stainless steel and brass to add a gauge to machines (8-cup) that did not originally come from the factory with a gauge.

We work with an Oregon machinist to design and create tools and custom parts for La Pavoni lever machines. Please search "tool" below to see the latest additions.


Click the schematic below to see what parts are in that schedmatic. Scroll the schematics to see all of them.

  • La Pavoni Espresso Machines Drawing 1
  • La Pavoni Drawing 2
  • La Pavoni Drawing 3
  • La Pavoni Stradivari Espresso Machines
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