La Pavoni Boiler-Knob-Saver in Stainless Steel
La Pavoni Boiler-Knob-Saver in Stainless Steel

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La Pavoni Boiler-Knob-Saver in Stainless Steel

Part #: PAV-KN-J

This is a custom-made Stainless Steel "Knob-Saving" coupler that has been designed to help prolong the life of the plastic threads found on the standard black or wooden La Pavoni Boiler Knob. We are offering the first batch at an introductory price of $39.97, which includes a new P-2 O-ring. The coupler is pictured with and without the P-1BK knob, but it is not included in the introductory price. You can add it in the dropdown menu below. 

The plastic threads on these knobs wear over time to the point that they can no longer hold pressure and can even allow the knob to blow off the boiler if the threads are dangerously worn.

This coupling component threads onto the knob (new or used to a point) and then onto the boiler. A medium-strength thread locker is necessary to keep the plastic threads and the stainless coupler together. Once assembled, the couple will add just over 3/4" to the height of the knob/machine.

  • If both items are purchased in the same order, we will apply the thread locker here and assemble them for you unless you specify otherwise in the order comments. We use a medium-strength thread locker that will require tools to separate the pieces.
  • If you are installing this on a used knob, you will need to apply the thread locker yourself (see directions below).
  • Note that if your knob's threads are almost completely consumed, you may not be able to achieve a semi-permanent assembly.

The types of thread locker we tested here varied in strength from being able to remove the knob by hand if the coupler was in a vise, to having to use a wrench and breaking the knob off the coupler. Regardless of the brand, medium is the correct strength. Note that:

  • you may eventually have to separate the knob and coupler if your knob is dropped or otherwise damaged in some way,
  • and if the coupler gets stuck on the machine without the knob, you can use an appropriately sized wrench lined with soft material to help remove it without scratching the finish. 

To apply the thread-locker at home, apply a small amount to the knob's INTERIOR threads, thread the knob onto the coupler, install the assembly onto the boiler and tighten firmly. Most thread lockers require 24 hours for a complete cure, so it's best to wait until the next day to remove the assembly. Please DO NOT apply thread locker to the exterior threads of stainless steel coupler and install it on your machine!

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