La Pavoni Europiccola Chrome Base "New Style"

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La Pavoni Europiccola Line Chrome Base “New Style”

Part #: P-89C

​La Pavoni Europiccola Chrome Base New Style  (2008 - +/- 2019 models)

NOTE: The finish inside is never as “pretty” and clean looking as the outside.

Fits: All Europiccola and Professionale lever versions up to around 20190-02020 when La Pavoni changed to the "3-hole" version that locks the boiler in place on the base. (Note that you must also have the 2019 and later boiler with the 3 corresponding pins to use the newer style base. We do have that  base in stock, SKU 5014758, so please email if you're interested.)

In 2008 the base was redesigned. The dimensions are still the same, however, the screw is now accessed from the bottom, which will help keep water and coffee from leaking onto the components within the base and causing issues with rust. When replacing the Chrome base, the ABS under base and the screw need to be replaced as well. Logo sold separately.


  • To remove the old base, you’ll need to remove the Heating Element, and you should replace the gasket when reinstalling it - either the P-7ss (for stainless steel elements) or the P-7 (for the older-style brass and copper elements).
  • If the spacers above and below your current base are no longer in good shape, they’ll need to be replaced as well (each machines uses two). P-4E is for the smaller 8-cup boiler, and P-4P is for the larger 16-cup boiler.
  • Depending on the age of your machine, you may need to add the power cord grommet, P-84.
  • Some Pavoni base screws have a Torx head, which came in two different sizes. Please see “you might need” parts below.
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