La Pavoni Pressure Gauge Adapter Type 2

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La Pavoni Pressure Gauge Adapter Type 2

Part #: Pav-T2/11

​​​Finally an adapter that allows you to install a pressure gauge on a EUROPICCOLA.

This Stainless Steel pressure gauge adapter is made by a local Oregon machinist, and it is designed specifically for machines manufactured from the mid-1990s on. In general, the machines with the plastic sight glass tube cover. Again: newer models ONLY with plastic sight glass guard.

Diameter of male thread: 11mm (female 10 mm)

Teflon gasket included (to place between the sight glass assembly and the adapter). You may need Teflon tape between the adapter and the gauge to achieve a leak-free seal with the gauge facing forward. We have 1/4” wide Teflon tape available, which is narrower than the width commonly found in hardware stores.

Note: Pavonis have been manufactured for many years with numerous modifications along the way. The above information is only a guideline to help you choose which adapter will fit your unit. The best way is to make sure the hole diameter measures 10 mm.

If you do not have access to a caliper, here’s another way of determining which size you need. Take off your block-off screw and place it in the black, Federal Reserve insignia on a current $20 bill. For reference, on the bill we used, the outside of the black Federal Reserve insignia measures 3/8” (15.5mm). Comparing what you see to the image below, note that the 11mm block-off screw on the left (Type 2) shows some inner light circle while the 12mm block off screw on the right (Type 1) does not.

Pavoni Block-Off Screw Comparison
11mm (Type 2) - Pavoni Block-Off Screw Comparison - 12mm (Type 1)
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