La Pavoni Bottomless Portafilter for PRE-Millennium Lever Machine

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La Pavoni Bottomless Portafilter for PRE-Millennium Lever Machine

Part #: 1165263

La Pavoni Bottomless Portafilter for PRE-Millennium Lever Machine Made in Italy

**Please see the note below prior to purchasing this non-returnable item.**

Fits: All the Europiccola and Professionale models made before the year 2000. We refer to this as a 49mm portafilter (basket’s inside diameter), and it fits a 49mm tamper. This portafilter also works on Elektra MC Leva Groupheads (see Video here). (If you’re looking for a bottomless for a Millennium machine, please see this link.)

If you’d like a deeper basket, please see the IMS B582TH29E 29mm basket.

This portafilter is COMPLETE with:

  • Portafilter Body with a groove for the clip to hold the basket in place
  • Portafilter Clip
  • Double Basket (Elektra Style deeper one)
  • Bolt stock 12mm
  • 12mm Handle (Handle shape is the same as the Elektra MC Leva, but a Pavoni P-74 can be purchased separately to easily replace it if you prefer.)

NOTE: In all sincerity, this is something that many vendors wouldn’t even mention since this sort of situation has become more and more prevalent with many parts. Still, if you’re familiar with our company, then you probably know we set our standards high. Here’s the deal: Most of these portafilters have minor blemishes, such as small dents or dings in the brass under the chrome finish or small watermark-like spots on the chrome itself. None of these blemishes will prevent the portafilter from working as intended or shorten the life of the chrome finish. The manufacturer and importer do not consider these seconds. (They are certain we inspect every item we receive with a magnifying glass - and in some cases we do - but these are portafilters, after all, and we’d be hard pressed to find what we’d consider perfect ones from any supplier.) It’s difficult for us to capture good images of the dings due to the shiny chrome finish, but there’s an attempt below to give an idea of what you might receive. The result is that we’ve elected to sell these “as is” and mark down the entire supply. You may receive a “perfect” one for this reduced price, or you may receive one that’s blemished. We will not send anything that we personally wouldn’t be okay receiving after reading this item description (i.e. serious dents, blistered chrome or exposed brass) if we were the customer.

Blemishes on La Pavoni Portafilters
Blemishes on La Pavoni Portafilters
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    This item is not returnable. Learn more here.