Rancilio Portafilter Bottomless Original 2022

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Rancilio Portafilter Bottomless Original 2022

Part #: 10071051R

Rancilio Portafilter Bottomless Original Redesigned in 2022

Also called "naked" portafilter.

This item is factory cut, and it has a finished chrome edge. 

The clip is included, but NOT the basket. Several basket options are available in the "Portafilters and Related Parts" section, including Rancilio's 21g basket 40100096.


  • Commercial Rancilio machines
  • Rancilio Silvia
  • Most E-61 Groupheads

Note: Some non-Rancilio groupheads require installing a thinner grouphead gasket for this portafilter to engage properly. 

Note 2: Heads up that on the latest batch we received, many of the wings have small dents in them. Small visual defects are unfortunately becoming more and more common with many "finished" parts we receive. It will not deter from the functionality in any way. 

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