Rancilio Double Basket 58mm "Redesigned" 2019 18 grams

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Rancilio Double Basket 58mm “Redesigned” 2019 18 grams

Part #: 40100108

Rancilio Double Basket 18 grams “Precision” Redesigned 2019 and replacement for 40100103

This basket has a larger volume than the standard 14-gram basket (depth without the rim is 22mm), but at 24 mm depth it is not as deep as the triple 21-gram basket (28mm depth). It will fit in a standard Original Rancilio portafilter (the triple will not due to its depth).

The Rancilio Part Number is Stamped into the side of the basket.

Per Rancilio: These Precision Filter Baskets have laser cut precision holes for premium extraction.


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