Bottomless Portafilter Body ONLY

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Bottomless Portafilter Body ONLY

Part #: 50890.B

Bottomless Portafilter Body ONLY for E-61 and E-61 style groupheads

15 degree angled (La Marzocco Style)

Also called “naked” portafilter

This portafilter body is the same as our 50890 but available without the factory mounted handle (which is assembled with Loctite, making it almost impossible to remove the handle without damage).


This portafilter body includes a Triple Basket with Micro-Fine Holes and has a finished edge (no raw brass exposed).


  • All E61 Groups such as ECM, Isomac, Izzo, Quickmill, Vibiemme, Wega and more
  • Elektra, (Commercial line and MC Semiautomatica)
  • Rancilio (Commercial line and Home line)

NOTE: Some groupheads require installation of a thinner grouphead gasket for this portafilter to engage properly. Uses a 12mm (bolt size) handle. Handles available for purchase separately.

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