Shipping Outside of the US

For International orders, be prepared to pay customs, brokerage and taxes per your country’s regulations. To find out more about how these fees are calculated, you’ll need to contact the customs department in your country. (I.e. See this UPS document regarding importing goods into Canada, pg. 117.)

Stefano’s Espresso Care offers the choice of insured UPS, insured Priority Mail International, or the less-expensive, non-insured First Class Mail. All time-in-transit quotes for international shipping do not include customs clearance, which can cause delays depending on our country’s import policies.

Should the customer choose the uninsurable USPS First Class International, they do so at their own risk and assume all losses for undelivered or damaged merchandise. For First Class Mail, please be aware that the shipment is scanned only when it is received and processed by our local post office, proving that the package was shipped. There are no further scans and therefore no way to track the package.

Shipping time varies from country to country and is determined by many factors, including customs clearance.