Anti-Vacuum Valve La Marzocco B.2029.

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Anti-Vacuum Valve 1/4BSP La Marzocco B.2.029.

Part #: 6901

Anti-Vacuum Valve 1/4 BSP B.2.029

Overall length 50mm (40mm when inserted) and 28mm diameter.

This anti-vacuum valve is becoming more and more popular after Marzocco started installing it on some machines in their newer line.

Bulletin from LM:

La Marzocco has introduced a new vacuum breaker (anti-vacuum valve) on the steam boiler of the KB90, Leva and Strada. This new vacuum breaker uses a shape memory alloy (SMA) spring which changes shape dependent on the temperature. When the appropriate temperature is reached, the spring changes shape causing the valve to seal.

The new SMA vacuum breaker has a significantly longer lifespan in comparison to the classic vacuum breaker. Additionally since its functionality does not depend on gravity, it can be placed either vertically or horizontally. The new SMA vacuum breaker was introduced starting with the following serial numbers:

  • KB90 KB00001
  • Leva LV000420
  • Strada ST005891

It is not recommended to retrofit the new SMA vacuum breaker into machines other than the KB90, Leva and Strada. No tests have been made on other models. As the mechanism for sealing is driven by temperature, the distance from the boiler and the connection components, this may cause the vacuum breaker to perform incorrectly.

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