BWT Beasthead Flex Kit

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BWT Besthead Flex Kit

Part #: 5230399

BWT Bestmax Besthead Flex Kit

The new BWT Besthead FLEX connection head is fully compatible with all filters from the BWT Bestmax product family. It ensures perfect water flow to the filter and even easier, safer and more convenient water optimization at the point of use. It has an integrated easy-Vent flush valve for easy cartridge venting and flushing and a bypass setting lock system.

To Test your water see BWT test kit

This BWT Kits includes:

  • Head Flex
  • Mounting Bracket 
  • Braided Hose 3/8BSP (Total length from head to end 150mm/5 feet)
  • Shut off Valve
  • Additional Fitting to 3/8BSP M straight (Elbowed one is mounted on the Head)
  • Additional Fitting 3/4 F to 3/8M BSP

 This BWT Besthead Flex Kit is designed to use with BWT cartridges such as this Bestmax Premium filter / softener.

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