Elektra Grouphead Shower Screen

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Elektra Grouphead Shower Screen

Part #: 01208035

Elektra Grouphead Shower Screen

Also referred to as a Dispersion Screen

Grouphead screens will wear out over time, or become clogged if not properly cleaned, and should be replaced periodically.

Fits: All models and versions of Elektra commercial machines, as well as the Semiautomatica home machine.

We have 2 versions, standard or “Easy Clean” (its design helps keep coffee residue from building up on top of the screen). If you prefer one over the other please specify which type you would like, in the comments box (final checkout page) or you may receive either one.

Also fits some Groupheads in these brands:

  • Astoria
  • Astra/Bezzera
  • Cimbali
  • Faema Modern
  • Wega new style heads
  • and more
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