Grouphead Gasket sottocoppa Minim E-61

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Grouphead Gasket "Minimo" for 58mm E-61-Style Espresso Machine

Part #: 35785

Grouphead Gasket “Minimo” for E-61-style espresso machines. 74 x 58 x 8.3 mm

This new and innovative Grouphead gasket is designed to help preserve a barista’s wrists by reducing friction and the effort needed to insert the portafilter in the grouphead. It’s made with an EPDM base and a PTFE layer. These layers are molded together, making the Minimo more durable than the standard gaskets.

It’s a complete new style of gasket and fits most groupheads of E-61-style espresso machines, such as:

  • Brasilia (E-61 GH)
  • Bezzera
  • Expobar
  • Faema
  • Fiorenzato
  • Grimac
  • Isomac (with E-61 Grouphead)
  • Izzo
  • Rocket
  • Quickmill
  • Vibiemme
  • and more
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