IMS Nanotec Precision Shower Screen

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IMS Nanotec Precision Shower Screen Elektra 51.5mm

Part #: 1081600

IMS Nanotec Precision Shower Screen CI200NT
This model of shower is coated with the application of nanotechnology, a High NanoQuartz Coating that enhances the non-sticky feature of this shower. The quartz coating will improve the water flow, make the cleaning process of the shower a simple wipe and increase extraction consistency. More durable and more resistant.
Non-stick NANOQUARTZ coating increases the resistance to corrosion and to chemical reaction

Middle hole 5 mm - 98 holes ø 3 mm
Aisi 301 steel - food-safe certified
integrated membrane 200 µm



Elektra Commercial Line

Elektra Microcasa Semiautomatica (NON MC Leva and other home machine)

And any grouphead with a 51,5mm showerscreen

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