Espresso machine detergent Puly Caff Plus 570 g

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Puly Caff 5 Espresso Detergent

Part #: 50557

SEE 1092021

Puly Caff PLUS Espresso Detergent 570gr(20oz)

NSF Certified, 90% Biodegradable

Espresso detergent is specifically formulated to clean espresso/coffee residue from the grouphead, portafilter, shower screen, basket, etc., either by soaking individual parts or by “backflushing” machines with the appropriate grouphead. It is NOT designed to remove hard water residues inside the boiler, water passages, etc. The correct product for that process is descaler/decalcifier.

Puly Caff Plus is simply the most advanced espresso machine cleaning product in the world. Most machine cleaners that carry the NSF mark assure that they do not harm the metal components of the machine. Puly Caff Plus carries the formulation one step further by actually protecting the material surfaces. Puly Caff uses and active foaming action to expand and attack the oils and cellulose that accumulate in the brewing head and exit pathways through the group solenoid. Like all Puly Caff products, it rinses clean with no residue and imparts no aftertaste to the coffee.

The number one cleaner in Europe and Italy, Puly Caff Plus is only one of the reasons why virtually every espresso in Italy is perfect and why machines live past 20 years.

Please note: Due to the weight and size of this product, more than 6 pieces per order may incur a shipping surcharge.

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