Rancilio Silvia S/S Heating Element since 2013

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Rancilio Silvia S/S Heating Element since 2013 115V

Part #: 10705638

Rancilio Silvia S/S Heating Element 2013

115V 800W

Gasket Included

Fits: Rancilio Silvia Boiler from 2013 with the REMOVABLE Heating Element. If you’re uncertain which boiler you currently have, please see this link.

NOTE: Previous versions of the Silvia boiler DID NOT have a removable heating element, which means that the entire boiler and element will need to be replaced with the new version. If your unit was manufactured before 2006, you will need the boiler and element with the conversion kit.

Installation tip: To protect your new element, consider leaving one HE wire disconnected until you’re certain the boiler is properly primed and element is submersed.

As with all heating elements, we strongly recommend you replace any necessary gasket(s) when replacing a heating element. Please see the options below.

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