Rancilio Silvia Steam Valve Rebuild Kit

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Rancilio Silvia Steam Valve Rebuild Kit

Part #: Silvia-SV-Kit

Rancilio Silvia Steam Valve Rebuild Kit for non-swivel wand (wand diameter 6mm versus 10mm on the swivel version)

​This kit includes all necessary parts for a standard rebuild of your Rancilio Silvia Steam Valve PRE-swivel wand, which was changed in 2008:

1 of 36302002 Closing Gasket
4 of 36402001 O-Ring Shaft and Wand
1 of 27350001 Copper Gasket
1 of 108 Haynes High Temp Silicone

If you’re not certain which version you have, the 2008 knob is silver in the center, so it’s a good indicator as long as no one replaced only the knob on an earlier version. The best confirmation is to measure the diameter of the steam wand tube (not the tip): PRE-2008 = 6mm; 2008-Since = 10mm.

To see Stefano's You Tube video on how to rebuild the Silvia Steam Valve, click here: https://bit.ly/SEC-Silvia-Steam-Valve-Rebuild

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