Rancilio Silvia Teflon Tubing

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Rancilio Silvia Teflon Hose / Tubing 6x4mm

Part #: 38228060

​Rancilio Silvia Teflon Tubing 6x4mm (This does NOT replace the Silicone from reservoir to pump.)

This tubing is found on older versions of the Silvia, located between the pump and the boiler intake (through the OPV body). It was eventually replaced with a S/S hose. This kit will allow you to upgrade to the stainless steel hose.

This Teflon tubing is sold by the foot, and one foot is enough to reach from the pump to the boiler inlet. It will compress and self-form to the fitting’s nipple.

Tip: To make installation easier, soak the ends of the tube in hot water before inserting it onto the fittings.

Click here to see Stefano's You Tube video showing how to flare the hose: https://bit.ly/SEC-Silvia-Teflon-Flaring

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