VIBIEMME Domobar SUPER Double Boiler
Version 4.0 Rotary Pump Plumbed In/Tank

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VIBIEMME Domobar SUPER Double Boiler Version 4.0 Rotary Pump Plumbed In/Tank Espresso Machine



Version 4.0 now has:

Both coffee and steam boilers are fully insulated.

The drip tray cover has been enhanced with a hole to reduce ‘splatter’ from the 3 way valve drain

the pressurestat has been replaced with a Temperature Sensor controlled by the PID

Manual Lever 115V
Rotary Pump Plumbed In/Tank

Accessories: Single spout portafilter, single dose filter basket, double spout portafilter, double dose filter basket, blind filter basket for back flushing, grouphead cleaning brush, plastic coffee scoop, and the useless plastic tamper that many manufacturers include (please make sure to order a good tamper).

    Stefano’s Espresso Care has worked with Vibiemme and the main importer for the USA in the past year to upgrade the Double
    Boiler line. We are proud to announce some of the improvements on the new, redesigned version of the Vibiemme Double Boiler.

    In addition to achieving optimal temperature stability, one of Vibiemme’s main goals when redesigning their double boiler machine was to keep the amperage below the 15 A mark—not only making it easier to find a connection in any household without needing a dedicated 20 amp circuit, but also to keep energy consumption at a minimum. Thanks to an innovative method of controlling the percentage of power to the heating elements, Vibiemme’s Power Management Control System (PMCS) automatically regulates variable power to each heating element. The total amperage draw of the machine will never go over 15A.

    Three stage power allows the user to operate the espresso machine with the coffee boiler alone, or the coffee and steam boiler together.


    1 Domobar super 2B technical details – although it is still considered the 2011 version (version 4.0 as in August 14th 2014)

    1.1 Coffee boiler technical details:

    • Coffee boiler: .5 lt
    • Coffee boiler element: 600 + 300 w
    • Thermal insulation
    • Working temperature : 93 C° (200 F)
    • Safety Thermostat 110 C° (230 F)

      1.2 Steam boiler technical details:

      • Steam boiler: 1,9 lt
      • Steam boiler element: 1000 w
      • Pre-heating exchanger*: 45 ml ( approx. a double espresso)
      • Steam boiler temperature and pressure is regulated by the PID controller
      • Thermal insulation
      • Working Pressure: 1,2 bar
      • Safety valve working max. pressure: 1,5 bar

        *Inside the steam boiler’s lower part, there is an exchanger which pre-heats water for the coffee boiler: water outlet temperature 97°C (208°F) for pressures higher than 1 bar.
        1.3 Electronic box and Gicar probe:

        • Setting: 1°C or 1°F
        • Probe sensitivity: a tenth of C° or a tenth of F°
        • Stainless steel probe

          1.4 PID Setting:

          • temperature: 200°F
          • P: 1.0
          • I: 0.00
          • D: 0.5
          • Offset: 19°F

            1.5 Fresh water supply configuration:

            • The machine has a dual water-supply system. From the water reservoir or from an existing water line (both through a rotary pump). A mechanical switch located under the machine allows the end-user to choose how to draw their preferred method.

            1.6 Waste-water drainage system

            • The machine has a dual drainage system: the end-user can drain the waste water in the drip tray, (and manually empty it out) or connect to an existing drain system.

            2 Thermal stability trial of the Domobar Super 2B: tools, procedures and validation.

            Important: What is thermal stability ?

            Thermal stability is the most important data on a coffee machine; it is the difference among the maximum temperatures recorded in a shot sequence.

            Differences between 2C° and 3C° have to be considered as acceptable, between 1C° and 2C° good, below 1C° excellent: these values create the thermic stability range, which depends on the manufacturing features of the machine.

            2.1 Tools:

            • Thermal stability values can be detected through a measuring instrument for temperatures (SCACEII), placed at the group exit, following the WBC testing pattern.

            2.2 Procedures: the trial was made referring to the WBC testing pattern

            1. The “Test point” corresponds to one shot of 50 ml double espresso brewed in 25 seconds.
            2. The “Idle Interval” is the time between one shot and the other.

            The differences among the maximum temperatures recorded from test point 1 to test point 14 give as a result the values of the thermal stability range.

            2.3 Validation

            Besides checking the Domobar super 2B thermic stability values, the test aims to confirm the empirical model of the E61 group isothermy in idle state, published on home-barista

            This model states that when the idle Interval is longer than 2 minutes, the temperature difference between the red part (where the thermosiphonic circulation takes place in idle state) and the blue part ( the farthest and coldest part), is approx. 7 °F.

            This is the basic principle of the pre-shot, suggested to all users of E61 espresso coffee machines.

            3. DOMOBAR SUPER 2B - THERMIC STABILITY TEST RESULTS : Confirmation of the empirical on E61 grouphead isothermy and Domobar super 2B stability test’s report

            3.1 Confirmation of the empirical model on group E61 isothermy

            The thermal stability tests made on the Domobar Super 2B confirm the isothermic model on group: the E61 group must be “taken to the right temperature” when the idle Interval is longer than 2 minutes.The temperature difference between Test Point 1-14 maximum temperatures and the thermic stability range (test point 6-14) is 7° F (without pre-shots). This data has to consider as a project feature of the E61 group, so the meaning of the thermic stability data has to take this feature into consideration.

            3.2 Domobar super 2B stability test’s report

            • Domobar super 2B stability range with steam boiler ON :1° C (1,5°-1,8° F)
            • Domobar super 2B stability range with steam boiler OFF :1° C (1,5°-1,8° F)

            4. DOMOBAR SUPER 2B THERMAL STABILITY TEST: Consumptions and absorptions

            • Maximum absorption with steam boiler ON: 1600 w or
            • Maximum absorption with steam boiler OFF: 900 w or


            The Domobar Super 2B can be used in different configurations:

            • Steam boiler ON and Coffee boiler ON
            • Steam boiler OFF and Coffee boiler ON (recommended when Steam Boiler not in use)

            Both configurations are available with:

            • Water fills through existing fresh-water line (a water softener is Always recommended)
            • Water fills through water reservoir
            • Water drains into the drip tray
            • Water drain through existing drainage system

            In case of both boilers ON (thanks to coffee boiler water pre-heating function), thermal stability range of 1°C can be kept even on shots taken each 10 seconds without the intervention of coffee boiler element second phase (+300 Watt).

            We can finally state that WBC testing pattern was successfully passed with an average of 600 W absorption. In the case of the steam boiler OFF, thermic stability range of 1°C can be kept without the intervention of coffee boiler element second phase up to shots 11-12 (10 seconds of idle interval); after that, the second phase of coffee boiler element starts (+ 300 w).

            The WBC testing pattern was successfully passed with a 600 W absorption plus an additional 300 W during the three last shots. The steam boiler performances are the same of the Domobar Super HX steam boiler, which is a reference in its range.

            The boiler is exactly the same and the difference in the element power (1800 W on the HX version and 1200 W on the double boiler version) is counterbalanced by the steam boiler insulation on the Domobar Super 2B.

            Vibiemme Double Boiler 2011 Manual ( Courtesy of 1st-line, made by Frcn Digital with Stefano’s Espresso Care collaboration)
            Vibiemme Official Web Page New Re-Designed web page 2012

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